Chinese loans helping Latin America amid oil price slump

December 18, 2014

Over the past decade, China’s state-owned banks have provided billions of dollars in loans to Latin America. Chinese loans are helping Latin America amid oil price slump, more particularly to support natural resource-rich Latin American nations – Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuela. These four countries have received 90 percent of all Chinese finance in the region since 2005. Chinese loans might even provide Latin America with the fiscal space it needs for infrastructure investment, including mining. China is now the biggest lender to the region. With how much loan China provides Latin American countries, Chinese finance comes with few strings attached.


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Dawson Beattie

Dawson Beattie leads CreditEureka as President and founder. He has helped companies navigate international credit markets through nearly 20 years of shifting market conditions. He has helped companies in retailing, mining, technology, life sciences, and agriculture.