Commercial Credit Insurance

Credit Consulting

We provide Commercial Credit Insurance for companies.

Why us? More options. More features. We’ve seen a lot … as credit managers, as commercial bankers, as insurance underwriters, as investment bankers, and as processors of insurance claims. Credit Eureka is known as one of the top commercial credit insurance brokers.  When businesses are engaged in international trade, or when they are exposed to accounts receivable risks, they come to Credit Eureka for credit management consulting.  As experts in business credit insurance, and export credit insurance, we can help. We can even provide solutions for managing sovereign risk, known as political risk insurance.

Credit Eureka’s commercial credit insurance customers are already ahead of the pack from the start. We listen. We develop solutions. We identify the financial products that fit, as for example Accounts Receivable puts or trade credit insurance. We help companies find the best partners to borrow on their insured obligations — working  with only the highest quality financial partners. We negotiate with the markets, advise our Customers, and provide ongoing support. Our Customers’ reward? More customers. More sales. More liquidity. More control over financial risk. With less capital. That costs less.

  • Maximize Expansion into New Markets

    • Offer open account terms of Net 60 days from the start of the relationship.
    • Maximize the transaction size of each sale.
    • Sell with confidence to customers with limited financial resources.
    • Sell with confidence to international customers.
  • Improve Margins and Deepen Buyer Relationships thru Direct Sales

    • Better understand and meet your customer’s needs by customizing terms of sale.
    • Replace the financial buffer provided by the distributor / wholesaler.
    • Be in full control of the “best terms” extended to your key customers.
    • Minimize the erosion of margin by the leakage of “best terms” through the distribution channel.
  • Increase Operating Efficiency by Focusing on Core Business

    • Leverage insurer to assist with international credit approval and collections.
    • Leverage insurer to streamline the establishment of a new customer credit account.