Political Risk Insurance


US Export Import Bank (EXIM) is the US government’s export credit and financing agency. Simply put, its job is to make it easy for US companies to grow and sell internationally. Whether helping US companies generate export sales or secure financing, EXIM is a great resource for small and mid-size companies and – at 95% value with no guaranty or notification requirements – is a preferred alternative to factoring.

Credit Eureka is an EXIM approved agency. We work with you and EXIM to facilitate international sales. As one of the top insurance brokers in the industry, we also offer products such as commercial Trade Credit Insurance and Accounts Receivable puts, so we can be sure to identify the best options for your company to win sales internationally, even including political risk insurance. Reach out to Credit Eureka today with your questions on EXIM.

The requirements?

  • Exporter has at least one year of operating history
  • Exporter has positive net worth
  • Exporter has a Dun & Bradstreet number
  • Exporter’s product is shipped from U.S. to foreign customers
  • Product value, net of profit, must have 50% or more U.S. content [1] (labor, materials, research & administrative costs)

Transaction examples where EXIM is a great fit?

  • A single overseas sales order worth a $1MM or less
  • For companies who sold $7.5MM [2] or less to overseas customers in past 3 years, EXIM is an ideal solution.


Credit Eureka is an EXIM approved agency. We work with you or individuals you designate at your company to quickly get your company registered with EXIM and your EXIM program in place.

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[1] If value of any product or aggregate value of products listed on invoice is less than 50%, only the value of the US content is eligible. Costs incurred after export – duties, tariffs, inland freight – are ineligible for EXIM support

[2] Overseas sales on LCs and CAD do not count against this number, so a company who has $10MM in overseas sales, with 30% or more on LC terms, still qualify for EXIM support.