Increase Working Capital Liquidity

Overcoming Credit Challenges: Turning a Problem into an Opportunity

It can be hard to get credit these days. Inflation and interest rate increases can pose a double whammy for companies’ operations and funding costs. Unsurprisingly, Moody’s and other rating agencies report rising corporate defaults. Banks themselves are hunkering down; lowering loan multiples to borrowers, increasing the cost of borrowing.  And that’s for companies not already stressed.  Taken all together?  A reduction in the amount of credit available to companies and their customers. Naturally, companies turn to their suppliers for help. And Suppliers are turning to … crediteureka.

Yet, there is a way for companies to get ahead. To grow. To turn a problem into an opportunity. Click here to learn how with our exclusive paper.

Boost Available Working Capital with crediteureka

Banks and private lenders require form of security before offering financing. Good news: accounts receivable (AR) is ‘good as gold.’ 80 – 100 cents on the dollar. But is all AR gold? Borrowers rely on crediteureka. Our team of experienced credit experts (er, ‘recovering bankers’) has a proven track record of strategically using the deepest and least expensive source of credit – the AR insurance markets – to boost our partners’ sales and increase available working capital.  With little additional capital commitment.

The Advantages of Working with crediteureka

Plainly said, when companies partner with crediteureka, they get more credit.  For themselves.  For their customers.  At a lower cost.  How do we do it?  Over 60+ career years in trade banking, underwriting, brokering, compliance and credit product development gets our partners access to structures and alternatives from  an extensive network of insurers, banks, private equity.  “Been there. Done that. So you don’t have to.” crediteureka is your specialized partner with deep expertise honed transacting across commercial credit markets & geographies. Put to work for you.  With you.  To source the right contracts and solutions to meet your company’s goals and to help navigate going forward an ever-changing world of commercial credit.

How We’ve Helped Our Partners

Our partners see increased levels of credit available for their customers, from their suppliers, and from their banks thanks to our customized integrated solutions. By working with crediteureka, companies have increased sales profitability, secured better payment terms, expanded into new markets, and protected themselves against potential losses.