Join crediteureka

in San Diego May 5-7

at RIMS 2024!


Join crediteureka May 5 – 7 in San Diego!

We couldn’t be more pleased to attend and sponsor an information booth at RIMS 2024 ‘RISKWORLD’ conference in San Diego!

Let’s meet up!

Join Us at RIMS 2024

Can’t wait until then? We know the feeling! It can be hard to get credit these days. Inflation and interest rate increases can pose a double whammy for your customers’ operations and funding costs. No worries for you! Keep giving them credit and become their strategic partner as a result.

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The Advantages of Working with crediteureka

Hard to believe we’ve been at this some 50+ years. In one form or another. Plainly said, when companies partner with crediteureka they get more credit.  For themselves.  For their customers.  At a lower cost.  How do we do it?  Over 50+ years experience in trade banking, underwriting, brokering, compliance and credit product development gets our partners access to structures and alternatives from  an extensive network of insurers, banks, private equity.  A specialized partner with a deep expertise honed transacting across commercial credit markets. Put to work for you.  With you.  To source the right contracts and solutions to meet your company’s goals, and to help navigate going forward an ever changing world of commercial credit.